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Who We Are
  • History

    Two creative entrepreneurs with backgrounds in entertainment, advertising and online industries started weNEW Media in 2011 as a joined venture, but unfortunately to busy with individual projects.

  • What we did

    We created this one paged website that was nominated by several platforms for design and development and was reviewed by 100+ websites and blogs, generating a huge amount of traffic.

  • inTOWN

    The company of weNEW’s creative director, supplying creative concepts, web design, development and cross media promotion. www.in-town.nl

  • DBL

    The company of weNEW’s business director, providing services in music, sport and entertainment. www.dblsportsagency.com

  • Now what?

    We both still provide the services intended to be combined within weNEW: inTOWN Management : creative crossmedia concepts, webdesign, web development & social media services. DBL Sports Agency : creative event/sport/music concepts and services.

  • The end?

    Of course not. This website will continue to exsist but content will be integrated from both partners.

The Team

  • The Team

    About us

    Two strong leaders with a background in sports, music, events, web development, design, marketing and promotion.
    Tineke (inTOWN Management) and Darrell Bell (DBL), assisted by a wide range of creatives, designers, developers and other freelancers

  • Tineke Timmerman

    Creative Director

    20 years experience as a music- and event promoter in The Netherlands. Then gradually moved to an important part of organizing and promoting: developing cross media materials. Skills: Concept Development, Graphic Design, Technical Development, Event production, Artist Management, Online Project Management. Website | Portfolio | LinkedIn | Twitter | Pinterest |

  • Darrell Bell

    Business Director

    An entrepreneur and creative at heart and soul. His passions are music, sports and anything entertainment related. With over 25 years of experience and a vast international network, he is ready for any challenge. Entertainment, Promotions, Marketing, Advertising, Media, Business Development… WeNew is the future!
    Website | Portfolio | LinkedIn


Combined portfolio of inTOWN and DBL

For more information about us please check our individual websites

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We make cross media concepts and execute several elements needed for it.

What People said

I draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

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The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.

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