We make cross media concepts and execute several elements needed for it.


Design online strategies Campaign activation Social Media Lab Creating concepts for cross media strategies. How to promote your event? How to promote your brand? How to promote your artist? How to promote your product? We believe in cross media communication: overall branding of the project you want to promote. Providing tools to cross wire all marketing essentials and combine it into a strong campaign that everyone will notice.


Project Management Mobile Development Mobile Graphic Design Mobile UI design Mobile Content Management There are 5 billion mobiles in use world wide. Globally there are more mobiles then PCs. 01.13 hrs time is spent on a mobile device each day. 81% browsers the internet through their mobile. 1 out of 3 mobile owners have smart phone. Mobile apps have a lot of capability to promote brands/events and improve the visitors experience. By downloading an app, the user engages to the brand. The mobile app user can promote your product on […]