JWH Initiative

Client: Both Ends

Assignment: Create a simple website for an organisation that funds young people who work in or affiliated with development countries. They give out twice a year and needed a website to inform and present grantees (nominees).The website should be accessible  by old OS systems and browsers so the website is served differently to different browsers.

Design: by Margo Vlamings

WordPressfor CMS, adjusted by editing the admin’s styling, menus and by removing unused elements:

Adjusted WordPress admin voor JWH initiative..

Ajaxed About Page: the subpages display inline (without refreshing the whole page) to make navigating easier and faster.

Custom Post Templates: To adjust the feel and look between several single posts

Custom Fields: To creative a better usage of the CMS we made custom fields to fill out the information

Addthis: a script only on the homepage to refer people to the Facebook Page.

FAQ U plugin: So the organisation can ask questions directly from the admin, which are answered in the admin to have future reference.

TinyMCE Advanced: We made the post editor more simple to use for the client.

JWH Initiative: www.jwhinitiative.org

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